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A better way to introduce yourself

Ever join a new gaming community and struggle to start connecting?

Writing intros can be a pain. Share your Scenius gamer profile instead!

Gamer profiles are an easy way to show what kind of gamer you are and instantly find something to connect about.

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“I put a lot of effort into climbing ranks and being competitive. I'm proud of it, but most people will never know or see that. With Scenius, we finally have a way to be recognized for achievements or for being top players.”

Paulo (@Puskas_eth), climbing the ranks on Castle Crush

“Gamer profiles are a great way to connect and engage with other gamers! The gaming community isn't getting any smaller. It's nice to have an easy way to show who I am and see what I have in common with others.”

Jomarie (Yuji), League of Legends gamer

“I love meeting other gamers, but sometimes it's hard to know how to start a conversation. Having gamer profiles where you can see each other's interests and things in common makes it so much easier to connect, instead of just saying Hey...”

Gaby, Valorant player & JRPG fan

Key benefits

Scenius Gamer Profiles — Your gateway to connections and rewards

Get Recognized

Top ranked gamer? Casual MOBA fan? Let the world know what kind of gamer you are! Show off your greatest achievements, build your gaming reputation, and grow your following.

Get Connected

Gaming is more fun with friends! Skip the awkward introductions and start making meaningful connections with likeminded gamers through our discovery and chat features.

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Build out your gamer profile and get rewards, discounts, and offers from games and organizations that value your experience

How it works

Set up a gamer profile in 3 easy steps:

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Add your personal touch!

Add fun facts about your interests, gaming experience, and more


Share your profile with friends and communities and get noticed!

For Content Creators & Community Managers

Understand and engage your community

Enable meaningful connections

Say goodbye to the introductions channel that's rarely used! Gamer profiles are a great icebreaker for community members to connect and bond over.

Understand your audience

Know more about who your community members are and what they're into for better engagement and stronger sponsorship / brand opportunities.

Everything you need to know, instantly

Screen by gaming experience, achievements, devices, and more with just a few clicks.

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